Tired of never getting a call back? Ever been burned by a shady contractor? Have you paid the high price for work done incorrectly?

We’ve been there too and we want to break the cycle.

Project Partners operates based on 3 core values that guide how we treat people and take care of business. These core values allow us to consistently provide a quality service and highly satisfied customers. 


When you start with respect it changes the way you treat people and how you take care of their property. We treat people rightly and we take care of their property like it was our own. We also listen to customers needs and desires for the project.


Our goal is always to do the right thing especially when no one is watching. This gives us a constant moral compass as we work. We do not cover up problems or shoddy work. We will always address project issues with the customer so they can make an informed and good decision.



Wasted time leads to missed deadlines and project delays. We work hard to stay on track and do projects in an efficient and smart way. This allows us to meet customer expectations and finish jobs as scheduled. We care about your time.


Camrann Coker - Owner

Camrann has had a passion for building and creating ever since he was a child. He has 10 years of design, construction and fabrication experience.  He lives in Fort Worth, TX where he was born and raised, he is happily married and has a beautiful little girl. If he isn’t working on a project or spending time with his family he enjoys golf, watching baseball and wrenching in the garage.

Aaron Bernardez - Operations Supervisor

A love for the outdoors and fascination for building has always been important to Aaron. He is an enthusiastic people person and loves a good challenge. With years of process and personnel management experience he brings multiple skills to the table. His attention to detail and drive to do things with excellence makes him a great fit for Project Partners. Aaron is happily married and a soon to be Dad.


1. Project Quote

Give us a call or submit a form on our website. We will discuss your project and come out to the job site for an accurate quote.

2. Budget Review and Selections

We discuss the budget and final selections to make sure we are building exactly what you want.

4. Work Starts

We get started on the project and work efficiently. It is always our goal to finish within the proposed timeline.

4. Job Completion

We provide the customer the opportunity to mark any touch-ups and then do a final walk through before we sign off on the job. 

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